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Understand Your Data

Data is not just numbers. Data is not just technology.

Data is at the core of your business.

Datakor Consulting helps you understand what your data actually means.


Juha Korpela

Since the early 2010's, I've been working to make data available, understandable, and actionable. I started Datakor Consulting in 2024 to offer my services as an independent consultant. I specialize in Data Modeling, Data Products, and Data Governance.

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Juha Korpela


Want to organize your data work better? Need an extra brain to pick? Difficulties choosing from all the possible solutions, methods, and architectures out there? Or perhaps you just need a steady pair of hands to do a bit of Data Modeling?


My consulting & advisory services will help you with all of that. In addition, training services are available, too! Below you'll find more information on the focus areas of these services.


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