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My services are available in two ways: consulting & advisory services, and training services. Below, you'll find more information on the kinds of topics these services cover. If you have something in mind that you can't find here, don't hesitate to contact me - let's figure it out together!

Consulting & Advisory Services

Data Modeling

Every data solution has a Data Model, whether it is documented or not. My approach to Data Modeling is a lightweight, technology-agnostic, business-first methodology, where key emphasis is put on Conceptual and Logical modeling.

Data Governance

Data Governance success is often determined more by the long-term feasibility of its Operating Model than the details of its rules and policies. Planning and implementing a sensible and non-invasive Data Governance model requires understanding of not just the "who" and "how" of your roles and responsibilities, but also the very basic "what" of your data assets.

Data Product Management

The larger the organization, the more important it becomes to design & manage your data according to Data-as-a-Product practices. Data Product Management is based on Domain-Driven Design & Data Mesh principles, and it ensures discoverable, accessible, and trustworthy data to everyone.

Information Architecture

The Big Picture of your Data Asset can be elusive. Large organizations get easily lost in the weeds of individual systems and data solutions. With the help of simple high-level Data Modeling practices, the Information Architecture of the enterprise can be understood and documented to support Data Governance and solution implementation needs.

Training Services

Practical Data Modeling

A lightweight, fast, business-focused approach to Data Modeling with a strong emphasis on technology-agnostic Conceptual and Logical modeling. Skills that every data professional needs!

Data Products & Domains

Basics of Data-as-a-Product thinking and Domain-Driven approach of organizing your data landscape. Learn how to utilize the best parts of Data Mesh methodology (even if you might not be implementing Data Mesh).

Also available for speaking gigs at events - just ask!

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